BayesLearn is backed by a Group of visionary Founders with an outstanding track record of success in technology as well as building successful businesses.

The entrepreneurial culture of
BayesLearn, supported by its highly experienced Executive Team & Advisory Board set us apart from most conventional AI startups.

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Tyler I. Sainkoudje

Founding CEO & CTO

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Sam Craft


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Marie Mendez

Chief Financial Officer

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Caroline Rodriguez

Business Development

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BayesLearn's Founder & CEO / CTO, Tyler, is also the Founder, President, and CEO of the tech company Tesla Duo Group Ltd. He is the brains behind this young group and has been directing all development for over 6 years.

His deep understanding of the tech space particularly the AI & Machine Learning sphere as well as his technical ability helps set 
BayesLearn apart.

He is also a true non-profit believer and is currently developing a Donor-Advised Fund and a couple of Foundations. 

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