Recognizing and forecasting changes by means of the exogenous data collected is the heart of our activity. By developing solutions for predictive analysis & optimization through data analysis, we offer a new form of decision support tool. From failure forecasting to forecasting future trips through the forecasting of behavior or consumption.

We are here to guess what the "music" might do in the future and use the right ''instruments" to keep it going.

BayesianRhapsody is our AI solution that could potentially be used in healthcare, pharmaceutical & medical industries and biotech, bioinformatics, fintech & banking, insurance, manufacturing, logistics & distribution and even automotive, defense, and sports analytics. We are talking to people about global warming & climate data and other datasets. Because this is the key success factor, our project team work in collaboration with client business teams in order to implement the expertise adapted to each need by building the right Bayesian probabilistic programs that model the data, start the data generative process, and then make Bayesian inference accordingly.


Allowing randomness and  simulating systems via  probabilistic programs & Bayesian synthesis.

The idea is to build Bayesian probabilistic programs that model the data and that play the role of simulators able to simulate the generative story of your sparse data & how your data came to be. Each program will try as many possibilities through random variables in the model as it can to try to match the data which gives the posterior distribution as output. Determinism will also be part of the model from the moment when we have pretty good idea of the story that created the data. 

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BayesianRhapsody alpha solution has been used so far in the development of a couple of AI - products for healthcare & pharmaceutical industry customers:

Pharma Shift - AI a system that deals with existing software and crawl through Entreprise docs & databases (CSV files, Excel spreadsheet, ...), learns from them and then become the domain-specific expert needed by pharmaceutical business serving the right content to the right person at the right time. It goes to any of the provided data sources, reads it, understands it and pulls it together for whatever view you need without a real human intervention.

SmartCompass™:  a Regulatory intelligence enterprise platform, that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to help pharmaceutical companies make accurate predictions and enable them filing their regulatory actions in a simple & successful manner, globally. It uses AI-algorithms that gathers and analyzes publicly available Regulatory information.



Disrupting regulatory intelligence with AI





DiagPass™:  a digital passport that pools ALL your diagnostic data–from diagnosis to treatment & after care if needed–in a concise & clear manner using a chatbot powered by a next-gen AI & ML that answers questions in an accurate way, in all languages.

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The future of owning your diagnostic data