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Welcome to BayesLearn website.  


We are a family of young like-minded business entities with a common goal to bring value to the current pharmaceutical industry, through cutting-edge technologies but also through the creation of enhanced value, transparency and trust among a large channel partners and pharmaceutical & healthcare network. And just like our mother & founding company, Tesla Duo Group Ltd, we strive towards helping people to free themselves from dissatisfaction, inconvenience, and concern, and make sure that our users are moving forward so we can evolve & elevate together, whilst, keeping in mind our social responsibility to redistribute to the less fortunate, particularly where a profitable outcome has been achieved on pharmaceutical transactions. 


At BayesLearn, we understand the challenges created by today’s evolving technologies and the burgeoning healthcare costs and have taken the initiative to help overcome them. By bringing together pharmaceutical stakeholders on a common platform, we actively contribute to the efficiency of the pharmaceutical buying & selling processes, thus reducing healthcare costs to the end user while constantly fighting against counterfeit drugs and complying with the regulation.

Furthermore, it is important to note that Covid-19 has highlighted the critical importance of an organized, effective and timely response to a global health emergency, that’s the reason why and since the beginning of this plague, through our Covid-19 initiative, we have been striving & committed to connect multiple medical & healthcare resources, technology & people to tackle this pandemic.

Finally we are committed to expanding our portfolio of products as well as our pharma & healthcare solutions and to ensure patients safety and drive growth & value for our investors, members, and collaborators. And I really hope you share my excitement for the growth and uniqueness of everything that Trade Pharma Network has to offer and the truly remarkable position and reputation we are achieving daily. Our measurable success is due to the valuable relationships we have established and will continue to establish as we strive to make healthcare and medications more safe, affordable and accessible to all. 

Dr Tyler I. Sainkoudje
BayesLearn Systems - Founder & CEO