BayesLearn provides businesses with a brand new platform for building & deploying data and machine learning & probabilistic models. The software helps companies solve challenges by finding the best predictive model for their data and offering probabilistic answers to ad hoc queries.

Indeed, it turns out that an enormous fraction of natural science is now being more data driven and that people doing this kind of science do not necessarily have the right tools to make to treat their data appropriately. We therefore believe that there is a real opportunity here in programming and/or computer & statistical sciences community(ies) to work towards bringing in better tools to them.

BayesLearn, through program synthesis, is setting the foundation for the next generation of programming experiences. If you look at the history of programming we went from punched cards in assembly language to high level languages and beautiful code editors the next transition will take programming much closer to human communication where it will be very multi-modal involving use of examples & natural languages, amongst other techniques. Interestingly these concepts are already present in today’s programming. Test cases are nothing but input-output examples comments are nothing but natural language basic specifications and in the future these concepts will become first-class citizens to author code itself. This will facilitate many disruptions such as helping people using computers but do not know programming & programming languages overcome this artificial barrier and be more creative in their lives & accomplish more. Secondly, these very same technologies will improve the productivity of existing developers & data scientist in many domains because most of the code we write today is just boilerplate & plumbing code there is a very little algorithmic creativity that goes inside the code that we write and there is a huge potential for automating that.


BayesLearn is backed by a Group of visionary Founders with an outstanding track record of success in technology as well as building successful AI-based businesses.

The entrepreneurial culture of
BayesLearn, supported by its highly experienced Executive Team & Advisory Board set us apart from most conventional AI startups.

With the active contribution of our mother company, TeslaDuo Group, within less than 3-year time period BayesLearn Systems has created one of the first AIs that creates probabilistic & generative models automatically and makes simulation-based inference.

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BayesLearn's technology is positioned in healthcare pharmaceutical industry, bioinformatics, fintech & banking, insurance, manufacturing, logistics & distribution and even automotive, defense, and sports analytics. We are talking to people about global warming & climate data and other datasets.


Cost reductions & productivity gains in the industry require AIs that can teach themselves as a necessary force for the creation of the AI-driven economy.

While AI is a key part of scalable new technologies, there is a human bottleneck with only hundreds of thousands of AI engineers on the planet, but to continue at the pace we’re on, millions will be needed. In other words, genius is in short supply. But if we want to see cost reductions & productivity gains in the industry any time soon, AI able to teach itself is a necessary force for the creation of the AI-driven economy.