BayesLearn provides businesses with a platform for building and deploying data & machine learning models. The software helps companies solve challenges by finding the best predictive model for their data and offering probabilistic answers to ad hoc queries.

BayesLearn's technology is positioned in healthcare, pharmaceutical industry, bioinformatics, fintech & banking, insurance, manufacturing, logistics & distribution and even automotive, defense, and sports analytics. We are talking to people about global warming & climate data and other datasets.

Indeed, it turns out in an enormous fraction of natural science is now being more data driven and people doing that science don’t necessarily have the best tools and so there’s opportunities for us in computer science or programming community to work on giving them better tools.


BayesLearn is backed by a Group of visionary Founders with an outstanding track record of success in technology as well as building successful businesses.

The entrepreneurial culture of
BayesLearn, supported by its highly experienced Executive Team & Advisory Board set us apart from most conventional AI startups.

With the active contribution of our mother company Tesla Duo Group's Innovation Lab (Probabilistic Programming Project), BayesLearn within over 3-year time period has created one of the first AIs that creates probabilistic & generative models automatically, makes simulation-based inference to automate analysis of tabular data.